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"Personal and international events are interlaced in an
exciting and breathtaking journey throughout the
 unusual life of the author."

This auto-biographical novel is based on the
turbulent exciting life of the author.
A brave story about the quest for peace,
security and freedom in the Promised Land.

 The novel is constructed from three threads:
A chronological factual personal resume,
actual historical events, some well known and documented,
others never published, and international analytical insights,
partly supported by original declassified
CIA and MI6 secret documents.

The information, data and stories told here have references.

They can be viewed, validated and substantiated with the appropriate authorities and institutions.

Actual photos supporting part of the events told are
included at the end of this book.


There were very few special agents who served in the
'unit,' a small top secret cell of the Mossad.
They were responsible for the killing of individuals

who posed a severe and substantiated threat

to the existence of the state of Israel.


"It is not known if he was directly involved in the killing.
His services for over two decades remain secret."



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